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Data Rate Downstream / Upstream


Service Information

SDSL Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line 1.55 Mbps on a single duplex line both downstream and upstream. Dedicated Internet Access, Large data transfers, graphic intensive Web data, Virtual Private Networks High speed modem technology that provides data services, such as Internet access, over existing telephone lines. Cost effective dedicated service with only data transmitted
ADSL Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line 1.55  to 7.1 Mbps downstream and 16 to 640 Kbps upstream. Used for Internet and Web Access, remote LAN access Bandwidth from the provider to the user (downstream) is higher than the path from the user. Great for residential users given that the majority of data is being sent to the user.
HDSL High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line 1.55 Mbps duplex on 2 twisted pair lines: 2048 Mbps duplex on 3 twisted pair lines.

WAN, LAN server access.

HDSL is generally used to substitute a dedicated T1 circuit. It is used for wideband digital transmission within a corporate site and between the telephone company and the customer.

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Dedicated ISDN

ISDN is easy and cost effective for most small to medium size businesses. These high speed lines are capable of carrying voice, video and data. Your constant connection (either 64k or 128k) to our servers provides you with 24 hour access and a static IP address pool. All it takes is a basic server and a router to put your whole network on the net.

Package includes configuration, testing and verification of your router
Fast digital full time throughput to the Internet

Unlimited access to the Internet
3 email addresses
2MB personal web page/file storage
24 hour per day technical support
8 IP addresses
64K or 128K Connection available
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Dial up ISDN

This has the same features of our dedicated service, but reduces the cost for businesses who don't require a constant connection.
Requires the use of router or ISDN modem

Unlimited access to the Internet 
2 email addresses
2MB personal web page/file storage
64K or 128K Connection available
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Dedicated T1 & T3 connections available!

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